Sunday, 27 June 2010

England lost the World Cup but the Sun is Shining!!!

Erghhh the weather is sooo warm here that I can't sleep. I'm English- I'm not used to the weather being above 15degreesC!!! Seriously, anything above 22C is like a heatwave over here- everybody gets excited and wears practicaly next to nothing, the men take off their t-shirts and expose their pale flabby chests and the women don their new brightly coloured dresses and mini skirts and vest tops. It's quite amusing, people from the tropics must come over and think we're mad! Unfortunately I hate my legs so they stay covered up.

So, yes the weather over here has been rather pleasant which means everybody is in high spirits! We also get very excited over the world cup and think we have a chance of winning it (ha), yup this happens every four years yet we never learn!!! However, today England got well and truly thrashed by our good old friends the Germans who beat us 4-1 (oh dear!). I'm quite glad it happened on a Sunday and not a Friday or a Saturday as the pubs and bars in town would be full of drunken idiots. People seem to get very emotional over football and you do get caught up in it all, however, there are limits and I think well it's a shame we lost but it's not the end of the world. But some people really do act like it is such a it's the worst thing that could possibly happen. All I can say is that those people must have had pretty easy lives if that is the worst tragedy they have had to face. Not only that, but it was a predictable tragedy. In fact it's not even a tragedy!!! Ok, so it means that the excitement of the world cup will have diminished and some dreams will have been blown out of the water...but that's all they are....dreams. Looking at England's (drab) performances, we were never going to win the world cup this year....we never had a chance. So why has that fact has only just hit people now?! It was going to happen at some point. We lost. Boo Hoo. It's a GAME. People haven't been killed. The world hasn't ended. There is no disaster..we just lost a game because simply we weren't good enough!

I do understand peoples frustrations with the team...we have players who are sooo hyped up, they are rated amongst the best in the world, the cream of the why is it that when they play as an England team they don't perform?! It's a mystery. For example Wayne Rooney...if I didn't know that he was an excellent premiership player I wouldn't have noticed him. It is quite shocking to think that those are the best players our country can offer. It makes me wonder whether the premiership is such a good thing for English look at the top 5 or 6 teams and how many of the players are actually British? How much time and effort is being put into finding the best talent at a young age and investing in that talent? Or is it all about money. Are we just buying in the best? The Premiership wages anger a lot of people and it could be argued that the Premiership is not helping England, Wales or Scotland as nations when it comes to the World Cup.

Football, Football
A tremendous Sport
One cup over which,
Nations have fought
Yet we must realise
It's all a game
To let it cause anger
Would be a real shame
Of course we must be proud
For our country to score
When a goal is created
We hear the crowds roar
It brings us together
But unfortunately,
When the goal is disallowed
We crucify the referee
Yes it was a bad decision
Of that we all could see
But keep it in perspective
Especially you Rooney
Football brings us together
But also tears us apart
Keep in mind it's all a game
And keep England in your heart

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